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Welcome to STK ELECTRONICS Film Capacitors

STK Electronics began manufacturing film capacitors in Cazenovia, NY in 1975. Our first product offering was a range of close tolerance capacitors featuring film-foil polypropylene, a dielectric best suited for these applications. Over the years, we have continually developed and designed many additional products, providing the extensive choice of capacitors featured today.

All STK Electronics capacitors are RoHS compliant.


  • Polypropylene film-foil
  • Polypropylene metallized
  • Polypropylene double metallized
  • Polypropylene series wound, high voltage
  • Polypropylene metallized for pulse applications
  • Polypropylene AC rated
  • Polycarbonate film-foil
  • Polycarbonate metallized
  • Polyester film-foil
  • Polyester metallized
  • Polyester AC rated
  • Polyester miniature
  • X2 Interference suppression capacitors
  • Custom capacitors


Our commitment to quality assures that all products are defect-free and manufactured to customers’ requirements. Every capacitor is tested and approved before we ship. Quality is designed in and built in, ensuring a very low warranty return rate.


  • Competitive lead times
  • No-cost samples
  • Quick response times for all requests
  • Engineering assistance
  • Tape and reeling
  • Custom and special designs
  • Small and large orders serviced
  • Cross-reference assistance
  • Local representation
  • Dock-to-stock


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